We are the alumni of Edgewood High School and exist to support and build up the current student body and facilities of Edgewood and our Edgewood High School.

Our Alumni Association enables you to harness the power of your alumni network. Whatever may be the need (academic, relocation, career, projects, mentorship, etc.) you can benefit from our community.

Our current officers are:EHS Logo

Current board members:
Chairman and President: Karen Carey, Class of 78
Vice Presidents: Helen Morrison, Class of 61
Donald Morrison, Class of 62
Treasurer: Rebecca Lepore, Class of 1993
Secretary: Diane Rose, Class of 59
Ex Committee: Janise Cullum, Class of 58
Shelley Debord, Class of 58
John Bowman, Class of 60
Carol Barker, Class of 60
John Richardson, Class of 61
Jeanne Gettle, Class of 61
Jeannette Llewelyn, Class of 62
Bang Tam Miller, Class of 1985